“This woman has a magic and a knowing that goes beyond what I could ever have imagined.”

Restorative Reclamation

Supporting women on their path of reclamation, sovereignty, and healing. Providing holistic support for children, animals, and those in palliative care.

My name is Holly Elissa. A devotional artist, Earth-based spiritualist, and intuitive 7th generation Usui Reiki channel.

I didn’t ‘discover’ or come into spirituality. It’s always been an integral part of my life through contemplation, creativity, animals and nature.

Living beings are without number, I vow to row them to the other shore.

I was an ardent prayer as a kid ( I still am). Every night, I would pray to God to protect my siblings and our pets. But then I would think, what about the neighbours and their pets? Everyone deserves to be safe and loved. So then the neighbours and their pets were included… and then my friends, and what about all the other kids in the neighborhood and all their pets and the animals in the woods nearby? And if for them then what about everyone else in the town? And so it would go. I would try to pray for the whole wide world by listing off all the people and non-human animals I could think of…in cities, villages, towns, provinces, jungles and rainforests, as many foreign places I could think of.. Without fail, I would fall asleep mid-prayer because they took so long. I’d wake up more than once during the night – was it minutes or hours later, I’m not sure – and continue the prayer (Years later, I finally learned the art of condensing, shortening the prayers to “all the people and animals on the planet.”)  I was so worried about leaving anyone behind. I wanted everyone to be seen and counted. I understood on a visceral level that you and I are connected. When you suffer, I suffer. My prayers are probably one of my earliest experiences of what Buddhism refers to as generating the mind for awakening for all sentient beings.

By thinking of all sentient beings
As more precious than a wish-fulfilling jewel
For accomplishing the highest aim,
I will always hold them dear

My connection to God (Goddess, Source, Universe) and yearning to ‘go home’ wasn’t something that suddenly came to be. It always was. It wasn’t influenced by religion. In fact it butt up against it many times. Mystical experiences began young (though I would argue most kiddos probably experience mystical moments that are either missed or dismissed by adults). Questioning patriarchal religion and speciesism, asking too many questions in Catechism, seeking connection with Divine Feminine, and esoteric curiosity was inevitable.  Sleeping life was vivid: lucid dreaming was most often spectacular and frightening, a vibrant and rudderless inner world and imagination.

At the age of 27, I was officially a ‘successful’ full-time working actor.  I first heard of Reiki from an assistant at my then agency. I was skeptical. It’s not that I didn’t believe it was possible, I just thought, “how would this work on me?” I thought I had to do something special to make the Reiki work.  My first treatment was euphoric. Reiki started to make sense of dark corners in my life, namely old, deep traumas and gently forced me to acknowledge my own mystical experiences.  After receiving Reiki for about a year, myself and my Teacher, Dr. McMurtry, both felt it was time for me to be initiated.  I received attunement for level I and II in 2008.  However, I still ‘in the broom closet’ with Reiki and my ‘gifts’.  My ego was very attached to my identity as a ‘successful actor’ and ‘succesful actors’ don’t side gig as Reiki practitioners or wild woman something-or-other mystics, whatever the hell that means.

By the time I had reached my early thirties, I was exhausted. I didn’t know how to embrace the ‘Wild Woman’ without the fear of coming across as delusional. We don’t live in a society that rationally validates anything ‘esoteric.’ I kept my practice private and publicly I carried on with a successful career in television that did not make me happy and running a grassroots NGO I had founded in my late twenties working with refugees. This led to a massive emotional, psychological and spiritual burnout.

My late thirties saw a deep calling to restore and reclaim myself, to ‘go home,’ Glennon Doyle calls it ‘untamed’, Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes, PhD calls it ‘wild woman.’ I set a deadline to retire from my acting career and find my way back home.  Simultaneously, I contemplated becoming a nun for most of those years.  Calling myself what by name – a witch and student of mysticism – felt arrogant and scary (and what if people made fun of me). Being a nun felt viable and more socially acceptable. I could devote myself to contemplation and service without raised eyebrows. However, to be a nun, I would have to turn to a patriarchal religion (even Buddhism is patriarchal) that didn’t truly believe the Divine could be revealed through women; religions that had actively buried, diminished, destroyed Matriarchal wisdom and Goddess worship. A patriarchal academia that dismisses pre-Abrahamic Matriarchal/Goddess religions as primitive ‘sex cults’ and ‘hedonistic.’ while glorifying male diety (Abrahamic) religions that separate spirit from body, telling women their life-giving bodies are dirty and sinful. Religions with painful connections to misogyny, bigotry, homophobia, and racism. And although I have a sincere respect for nuns, I didn’t want to do that. So I committed to my own path, honouring Divine Feminine minus a nun habit or tonsure. Turning 40 was a milestone for this energy, committing fully to what was always there: wild woman mysticism and, what one of my teachers calls, veil lifting.

This woman has a magic and a knowing that goes beyond what I could ever have imagined. Holly is an incredibly talented Intuitive Reiki practitioner who has mastered her craft… is clear that she has given serious and dedicated practice to her craft… What came from each the sessions was a profound sense of awe and “wow”… What Holly interpreted for me in terms of my health, was very specific and incredibly accurate, both physically and symbolically. copyswiss.cc

Holly has given me inspiration, clarity and a sense of coming home to my true self to heal what has gone before in order to progress with what’s to come, in the best way possible. I am full of gratitude to Holly for this experience.

– Lissa Orr, Founder & Flamekeeper, Wild Sister Rising

My Reiki Lineage

Mikao Usui Sensei
Dr. Chujiro Hayashi
Hawayo Takata
Phyllis Lei Furumoto
Carrel Farmer
Dr. S.A McMurtry, Phd
Holly Elissa

Grow Deep Roots


First Degree, Usui Ryoho System of Reiki
Reiki Conscious Healing Institute, January 29, 2008, Dr. S.A. McMurtry, PhD

Second Degree, Usui Ryoho System of Reiki
Reiki Conscious Healing Institute, April 13, 2008; Dr. S.A. McMurtry, PhD

Master Choa Kok Sui Prahnic Healing Certification
Institute for Inner Studies, 2006

Raja Yoga Meditation
Brahma Kumaris, World Spiritual University, 2005

Expertise & Experience

Mother and Baby

Prenatal and postnatal support for mother and baby. If you are working with a midwife, it’s always important to have her wisdom and recommendations. I work alongside your midwife at your and her discretion.


Reiki treatments, meditation and social emotional learning (SEL) training for children, in particular neurodiverse children and vulnerable children (depression, FAS, ODD, neglect, abuse, PTSD, ASD, ADHD). I only work with children with fully informed consent of their primary caregiver(s).

Non-human Animals

Reiki for animals within the home or in the wild to support physical and psychological wellness. Humans don’t have a monopoly on feeling physical pain or emotional distress. All sentient beings feel pain thus all benefit from compassion.

Palliative Care

Reiki to compliment palliative care support for both the patient and her/his loved ones.

“I didn’t know what to expect with Reiki, but my experience with Holly was transformational.  I felt like she saw into the most hidden parts of myself and gave clarity and insight to the most pressing matters on my mind.  I felt seen and inspired, energized and whole. Holly, a gentle soul, has a substantial gift, and a session with her will surely bring about great healing and clarity of mind.” www.swissreplicas.me

– Robin Zamora, Certified Hypnotherapist & Writer


Interconnectedness and Empathy

Luluka is a space to support your mental, spiritual and emotional health.  One facet of our unfolding can’t be isolated from other aspects of our life – or the lives of others. Why? Because you are connected to all that is and everything and everyone is connected to you. My Matriarchal Ancestors – Celts from the Kingdom of Scotland – knew we were connected to the Earth and all her inhabitants. We are not separate nor above. We are interwoven.

Being spiritual doesn’t mean tuning out the world

We need radical empathy and we need it now. Luluka exists to help support your reconnection to your center and your intrinsic empathy for self and others. When we heal our wounds responsibly with loving kindness, we open ourselves to the suffering of others creating a more just, compassionate world.  You have to pray and move your feet.

Is This for You?

Good question.  Here’s what I can say…

Life happens. Usually not the way we expected.

The moments in time that leave us feeling unworthy, ruined, broken, exhausted. From abuse, big life changes, discrimination, harassment or bullying, our self-esteem and overall health can take a beating.  Sometimes malaise and discontent show up in more seemingly benign ways; there’s no ‘big trauma’ but you’re stuck in a rut and want something better for yourself.

But let’s be clear, you don’t need to wait for crisis to create a self-care routine.  We all have a right to self-sovereignty and joy and that starts with maitri (unconditional friendship with ourselves). And as women especially, we get the opposite message reinforced daily.

Whatever the cause or motivation that brought you here, Luluka is here to help you find your way back home.

“I truly benefited from her compassion and insight. She really helped to guide me in my journey of healing, and she did so in a very kind manner that helped me feel comfortable and listened to. I recommend Holly to anyone searching for enlightenment and healing.”

– Olivia, field producer

Luluka means ‘Frog’

The frog symbolizes transition due to her unique growth cycle. The frog undergoes incredible transformations to reach the destination of full adulthood, and so do we as humans. My Matrilinial line is Scottish Celtic. The frog, as a Celtic symbol, was deemed lord over all the Earth, and the Celts believed she represented curative or healing powers because of her connection with water and cleansing rains. More Western and European views focus on the Frog’s three stages of development (egg, tadpole, fully formed amphibian) to symbolize resurrection and spiritual evolution. In China the Frog is an emblem of Yin energy and thought of as good luck.*

*(courtesy Avia Venefica, What’s Your Sign)

“The things I have learned from her have stayed with me today, and I am able to apply them within my everyday life.”

– Myles, artist and entrepreneur


Guidelines for higher consciousness and growth:
The Reiki Precepts

For Today Only:

Do not anger
Do not worry
Be humble
Be honest in your work
Be compassionate to yourself and others