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March 27 Gathering
Tonglen, Hypnosis and Reiki

*Sorry the image freezes here and there – poor connectivity on Brac – however the audio is good.   We will create an edit of just the hypnosis in an mp3 file for anyone that wants to listen to it at bedtime etc.*

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Holly Elissa
Tonglen Meditation, Reiki practitioner
NGO Founder

Holly is a 7th generation Usui Reiki practitioner and has been a student of Yoga and Buddhism for twenty years, adhering to the Ten Living Principles of Yoga. She created and delivered pilot programs involving therapy dogs and meditation to address mental health for behavioral special needs children rooted in SEL learning. Her program targets children facing toxic stress, abuse, neglect, poverty and challenges such as Autism, FASD, depression and suicide, anger management, bi-polar depression, ODD and ADHD. She is currently developing a mental health program for refugees and persons in active conflict zones through her NGO, Move Together Foundation.

Robin Zamora
Hypno Coach
Mind Edits Hypnosis, Hypnotic Beauty Life

Robin is a master teacher, writer and hypno coach based in Los Angeles, California. She’s here to assist you in freeing your mind of anything that does not serve your highest and greatest good. Hypnotherapy allows you to take your power back, by creating and strengthening new neural pathways in your mind that support the life you want to live.  Robin’s work is fueled by the core beliefs of optimal living, in being free and not holding back out of fear. When we’re free we can be our real and authentic selves.

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Guidelines for higher consciousness and growth:
The Reiki Precepts

For Today Only:

Do not anger
Do not worry
Be humble
Be honest in your work
Be compassionate to yourself and others