“This woman has a magic and a knowing that goes beyond what I could ever have imagined.”

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7th Generation Intuitive Reiki Channel

Intuitive Reiki is returning home to your centre. So you may walk your path of purpose in this lifetime. I’m here to help walk you home.

Veil Lifter, Wild Woman, Earth Whisperer

My name is Holly Elissa. A devotional artist, Earth-based spiritualist, ecofeminist and intuitive 7th generation Usui Reiki channel. As a chronic trauma survivor, I care deeply about emotional, spiritual and mental health; the scars we carry and the need for healing in all of us.  When I was a child, I earned the nickname “Holly Helper.” My way to express love and connection was through helping. It still is.

“You are a spiritual being. You exist beyond your physical shell. Your true form, your true nature is free. It always has been.”

Work With Me

I offer one-on-one sessions to support you on your journey.  We all have a right to self-sovereignty, joy, and feeling safe.  Don’t let trauma or old patterns keep you stuck. As a Veil Lifter, I am committed to mastery in my craft. My sessions are detailed and nurturing, combining the healing energy of Reiki with Intuitive insight. Kindness, respect for vulnerability, and integrity are values I hold dear in this work.

Wild Woman Restoration and Reclamation

Sometimes less is more. Sometimes less is necessary. Snacks&Naps is a spiritual home for restoration and reclamation, of radical rest and radical self-care of the Wild Woman.  A home to nest in, surrounded in Sistership. Come as you are. We’ll take care of the rest.

“I didn’t know what to expect with Reiki, but my experience with Holly was transformational.  I felt like she saw into the most hidden parts of myself and gave clarity and insight to the most pressing matters on my mind.  I felt seen and inspired, energized and whole. Holly, a gentle soul, has a substantial gift, and a session with her will surely bring about great healing and clarity of mind.”

– Robin Zamora, Certified Hypnotherapist & Writer

“It is clear that she has given serious and dedicated practice to her craft…What came from each of the sessions was a profound sense of awe and “wow”…What Holly interpreted for me in terms of my health, was very specific and incredibly accurate, both physically and symbolically…Holly’s voice is beautifully clear and very soothing with a meditative quality.

Holly has given me inspiration, clarity and a sense of coming home to my true self to heal what has gone before in order to progress with what’s to come. I am full of gratitude.

– Lissa, Founder & Flamekeeper, Wild Sister Rising

“I truly benefited from her compassion and insight. She really helped to guide me in my journey of healing, and she did so in a very kind manner that helped me feel comfortable and listened to. I recommend Holly to anyone searching for enlightenment and healing.”

– Olivia, field producer

“The things I have learned from her have stayed with me today, and I am able to apply them within my everyday life.”

– Myles, artist and entrepreneur


Guidelines for higher consciousness and growth:
The Reiki Precepts

For Today Only:

Do not anger
Do not worry
Be humble
Be honest in your work
Be compassionate to yourself and others