Look, step, reach, grab.  This was the exercise. In acting school, two decades ago, the teacher set the metronome to a slow 4/4 time in the classroom.  He had us line up against the wall on one side of the room.  On the steady tick-tick beat we were instructed to first look at some imaginary thing, then take one step, then reach our hand out for this imaginary thing, grab it, then start again: look, step, reach, grab all the way to the other side of the room. It was slow. It was surprisingly difficult. We giggled nervously and blushed at our mistakes. But then focus set in. Determination set in. It was now a serious silent meditative exercise in self-mastery. Once I got good, I thought, “yes, I got it. I’ve mastered this.” But then the metronome was sped up a little bit. Then a little bit more. Each new speed had us back to zero, or near zero. No more mastery. Until there was. And then no more again, and so on. Look, step, reach, grab. It was an exercise in beginner’s mind.  An exercise in mindfulness, intention, focus, imagination, and visualisation. We could all use a little look, step, reach, grab.

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