Philosophy of Healing: It’s in Your Hands

Reiki can support mental and physical healing because it helps you reconnect to who you really are. After a session you may feel calm, at peace, restored and this feeling may continue for several days. But just like going to the physiotherapist, chiropractor, or a counsellor, that feeling doesn’t last forever. Your healing needs to be in your hands. Practitioners of any modality are the guides providing resources, support and tools. You are the master of your life. Taking responsibility for your healing is paramount.

On Sight and Ethics

Chanelling, clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, precognition, and all other forms of ‘sight’ are not Reiki. In sessions I use a combination of Reiki and ‘sight.’ Like a radio antenna picking up a transmission(s), I uncover what is buried within and what’s going on in the ethers at your current state of consciousness, while acting as a conduit for healing Reiki.

I do not make predictions. No one has a right to tell you how your life is to unfold, especially with absolutes like ‘you will have a baby’, ‘you’ll never find love’, etc. I believe acting as ‘all knowing’ over the lives of others is unethical.  It’s not to say it isn’t possible to ‘see’ the future, rather those that can and are ethical understand you always have free will and anything can change. Also people gifted with ‘sight’ are still human and can be fallible. In my experience, what is ‘seen’ is largely based on the current state of consciousness and subconscious of the client. An ethical practitioner always comes from a place of highest good. You always have free will to change course at any time in your life. Never give anyone else – psychic or otherwise – power over your life decisions.

What Happens During a Session

I get asked to do Distant Reiki for people overseas, ailing parents, grandparents, those hospitalized or incarcerated, newborns, non-human animals, and even those trapped in active conflict zones. It’s a great alternative for those with busy schedules, those living in another city or country, and those who would be hard or impossible to physically reach. Because Reiki Ryoho is not limited by time and distance, Distant Reiki treatments can also be given without the client being present. It is easily done and works very well.

Every practitioner is different. I use an image of the individual which means I require a photo of the recipient. See the ‘House Rules’ tab for more information.

The Reiki can be done at any time though it is preferable for the client to be able to lie or sit down and relax.  However, whether you’re lying down or driving your car, it is present and working.

Once an appointment is booked, you will be sent a link to our calendar to schedule a time that works for you in your time zone.

We will have a pre-session chat to say hello and go over anything on your mind.  Post-session, you will be sent an audio file of recorded notes.

Generally speaking Reiki usually produces a calm, restorative feeling. However, sometimes, when there are major blocks, a person can experience a wave of emotions that may be interpreted as sadness or fatigue or physical symptoms like a runny nose or pimples.  This is normal. You are experiencing a release or what some call a ‘healing crisis’.


Luluka is a patriarchy-free zone. Thus, in order to maintain a safe environment for everyone, Luluka has a zero tolerance policy for inappropriate, threatening, and/or offensive behaviour including, but not limited to, harassment, misogyny, racism, homophobia, stalking, violence, abuse, and profanity.  Luluka reserves the right to determine what is inappropriate, threatening, and/or offensive behavior. Luluka reserves the right to ban and report to the appropriate officials clients or prospective clients who behave inappropriately, offensively or in a threatening manner at any time.

Luluka also reserves to right to refuse service if a client or prospective client appears to be in urgent need of medical or psychological care or intervention and will instead make reasonable effort to direct the individual to the appropriate professionals.


All sessions are sub rosa (“under the rose”) which means all sessions are private and confidential. The client name, personal details and results of the session are not shared with any party aside from the client with two unlikely exceptions: if issued a subpoena by the court for an investigation into alleged crimes of the client. If the client appears to be suicidal, for safety of the client, local authorities will be notified immediately.  Testimonials will be requested and can be given freely by the client. They are not mandatory.

Use of Photo

For every session, a photo of the recipient is required.  Photos are solely for the purpose of the session (see ‘what to expect’ tab) and are deleted immediately after the session is complete. For clients who have booked a package of multiple sessions, the photo will be kept secure until the sessions are complete when, at that time, they will be deleted.

Photos are not published in any medium, including but not limited to, online, print, marketing materials, newsletters.  Respect for privacy and confidentiality is of the utmost important.  Photos are not stored in a cloud service, which could be vulnerable to hacking. They are stored on a local hard drive only.

If the client does not send a photo of them, the session will not happen. No refunds will result.  If, in the unlikely event, a client sends a photo that is of another individual to represent themselves, it is to their detriment as the energy picked up will be of the person in the photo. Therefore the pictured individual will be the recipient of the Intuitive Reiki.  Luluka reserves the right to ban any client who engages in deception and misrepresentation of any kind.


The disclaimer can be found here.