Cute name. Important Purpose.

A Wild Woman Spiritual Center

A home for restoration and reclamation.
Of radical rest and radical self-care.
A home to nest in, surrounded in Sistership.

Women, particularly mothers, are overworked and need support.

“The idea of Snacks and Naps came to me four years ago: create a soothing place to rest. No crazy schedules, no demands, just a beautiful bed, uninterrupted sleep, and great food served to you. 

Sleep-deprivation negatively impacts our mental health. Studies show women are disproportionately affected by poor sleep. Due in part to the natural hormonal fluctuations of our cycles that are not honoured in the patriarchal construct we work and live in and in part because we do three times more unpaid labour than men (again, looking at you patriarchy). Women are burnt out, constantly putting themselves last. It’s time for radical rest.

A typical retreat schedule is filled with daily activities. But sometimes less is more. Sometimes less is necessary. I wanted to create something that centered around a very simple concept: radical self-care and radical rest.  A place of cocooning, free of demands, nothing needs to be done. Come as you are. We’ll take care of the rest.”

Paying it Forward. Love the World

Snacks and Naps helps support the mental health of women, men and children in conflict zones and refugee camps. Proceeds from every booking go directly to Move Together Foundation, an NGO founded by Holly Elisa serving people living unimaginable trauma through mental health and amputee rehabilitation programs. Living with PTSD herself, Holly recognises the importance of equitable access to mental health services.

The Dream, the Journey

As we work toward building the center, we will be holding very special S&N retreats focused on wild woman restoration and reclamation.

All complimentary services are at your leisure and not mandatory for participation.

single private room for each guest
complimentary journal
wifi and tech free zone
fully catered organic plant-based menu
organic cruelty-free toiletries.
sleep in as late as you like
breakfast in bed
eat when you want
nap when you want
Intuitive Reiki
massage therapy
yin yoga
daily morning meditation
daily sound bath
women’s circles
reclamation ceremony