4-day Treatment Intensive


The 4-day treatment is for individuals wanting an intensive & concentrated approach to releasing long-standing built-up toxins & negative energy in their system. Clients may experience a multitude of symptoms while they release on every level over the 4 days. The 4-day treatment can be done either in person or as distant Reiki. Sessions include intuitive reading (clairvoyancy, clairsentience).

Note: It is imperative that the 4 treatments are over 4 consecutive days and ideally at the same scheduled time daily. As always, clients will receive ‘homework’ and their audio file. See description below

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    Product Description

    The 4-Day Intensive must occur over four consecutive days, preferably at the same time each day. The 4-day intensive is very rewarding and, by nature, is a more concentrated experience.  It should not be undertaken when the client has a demanding or overly hectic schedule. The client must set aside the time for the intensive.  Before booking please review What to Expect for details on session format, rules, and etiquette.

    Each Session includes:
    – Pre-session call (10 min)
    – Distant Reiki (30-40min)
    – Notes and insights: messages from your guides, Spirit, and higher self.
    – Homework: what you can work on and how, suggested reading material, meditations, movement, mantras etc.
    – An mp3 audio file of the notes: all notes post-session are recorded, allowing the client to go back and listen to the notes at their leisure and as often as need be.

    The pre-session call doesn’t have to be immediately prior to the reiki and can always come at a different time if, for example, the client opts for the session to occur while she/he is sleeping or at work.


    Distant Reiki service is taken voluntarily by the client.  While Distant Reiki has yielded impressive results in treating physical and psychological issues, it is not intended to replace medical or mental health treatment from a licensed professional. I do not offer medical, psychological, legal or financial services of any kind.  It is the responsibility of the client to use discernment and free will according to the application of suggestions and guidance provided.  I accept no liability or responsibility for any action or outcome a client chooses to take.  Full disclaimer can be read here.