We live in a world that constantly tells women and girls that their only value, their only worthy stock is youthful beauty. Not just any beauty. Not timeless beauty, not aging-gracefully beauty, and not natural beauty. Rather youthful beauty dictated by very limited standards. As a woman ages her stock loses value. She has been conditioned since birth to understand that she is more disposable, she is less desirable. Less worthy of loyalty, devotion, monogamy, celebration, adoration, sexual pleasure, and genuine love. In this construct, she can’t compete with her former youthful self nor can she compete with the millions of young women around her. So what does she do? She lets doctors inject her, cut her, stretch her and pull her like a badly made canvas, a shitty plastic doll.  And then culture mocks her. Magazines and neighbors will speculate with pointed finger over what she’s had done and how horrible she looks.  The joke’s on the woman. She can’t fool anyone for she is a woman and she has no value.

Do not believe this lie.
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