The problem is not having too much empathy rather that we live in a cultural consciousness that is very ill equipped to handle empathy in levels beyond the absolute minimum; because we live in a world that dictates the complete opposite as a way of living not just emotionally but physically, mentally and spiritually. If we lived in a cultural construct that encouraged healthy empathy from the moment we come into this physical form, we would be much better off. We wouldn’t get burned out, we wouldn’t get so overwhelmed with the sorrow and pain of other sentient beings that we completely shut down. In a mass consciousness that normalises empathy, we would have cultivated the appropriate tools – again emotionally, spiritually, mentally – to process empathy into constructive action, problem-solving, and into other useful skills such as compassion. We would have the tools to process rage, loss, helplessness, conflict. We would take good care of each other and, in seeing that loving kindness and tenderness mirrored back to us, we would take good care of ourselves.
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